FAQ Sunset Voucher PH


[1] Why can't I find the option to purchase vouchers for the Philippines on your website or app?

We have discontinued the sale of vouchers in the Philippines as part of our strategic business                    decisions. We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.


[2] I have already purchased vouchers prior to 30th November 2023. Can I still use them?

Absolutely. Vouchers you have purchased prior to 30th November 2023 remain valid, and you can continue to redeem them according to the terms and conditions specified at the time of purchase.


[3] How do I use my voucher codes from the email you have sent to me?

There is no change to how you use your vouchers. The only difference is that they will not be accessible via the ShopBack app. For detailed information on vouchers, please refer to our Guide to Vouchers at the Help Centre. 


[4] Are there alternative options for customers in the Philippines who relied on vouchers to get CashBack?

While voucher sales have been discontinued in the Philippines, we would like to assure you that you can continue to enjoy CashBack via our Online CashBack features. 

[5] Will I be eligible for a refund if I have unused vouchers for the Philippines?

We are not offering refunds for unused vouchers as they are valid as per their expiry dates. An email containing your unused voucher codes will be sent to you as they will not be available via the ShopBack app from 14th December.


[6] How do I contact customer support regarding questions about vouchers in the Philippines?

Our customer support team is available to assist you with any questions related to vouchers via our Chatbot and we'll be happy to help.


[7] Is there a possibility that voucher sales will resume in the Philippines in the future?

While we cannot provide a definitive answer, we will continue to assess market conditions. Any updates regarding voucher sales in the Philippines will be communicated through official channels.


[8] Are there changes to other products or services offered by the company in the Philippines?

No, the discontinuation of voucher sales is specific to that service. Our other products and services in the Philippines remain unaffected, and we are committed to providing quality offerings.

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