Cashback tracking and calculation guide

How we calculate Cashback

We calculate Cashback based on the Cashback rates displayed on each store on our website or app.

  • For example, 5% Cashback on a 1000 purchase will give you 50 Cashback.

But be sure to read through the terms and conditions for every store since they may have different requirements. 

  • Most stores don’t count shipping fees or taxes as a part of the Cashback equation.

How we track Cashback

If you’ve started your shopping trip on ShopBack, we track your order using cookies. We do this by dropping a tracking cookie in your purchase so we can identify if you qualify for Cashback.

Your order can take up to 48 hours to show up as Pending in your account. When we’re able to successfully validate your purchase, the status will turn from Pending to Confirmed. The time varies depending on your purchase, so check your Cashback info for more details.

Where to check your Cashback details

For appFor web
To check your Cashback details, simply tap on your Lifetime earnings.

Different statuses and what they mean

Pending, Confirmed, Rejected - all of these statuses may be confusing if you’re new to ShopBack. Here’s our handy Cashback glossary to help you figure out what your Cashback status means.

Why Cashback confirmation takes time

Our partner stores need to:

  • Carefully review and validate your purchase.
  • Wait a cooling period to check that items were not canceled, returned or exchanged.
  • Check that you’ve bought from them using ShopBack.

Checking some of this can take awhile and it varies from store to store. We understand it can be frustrating to wait and we appreciate your patience.

Check why your bonus Cashback is pending

Check the store’s terms and conditions to see that you’ve met all the requirements for bonus Cashback. You should have the Cashback confirmed in 5 working days if you’ve met all the requirements.

Things to note

Payment methods not eligible for Cashback

Some of our partner stores may not give Cashback for certain payment methods. But this should all be stated on the Cashback Info, so be sure to give it a read.

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