Cashback tracking tips

We can’t guarantee Cashback for all your purchases made via ShopBack because it depends on factors such as whether we were able to track your store visit and how successfully you followed the store’s terms and conditions. But we can guide you with our top tips to help you navigate this process better.

Best practices

Follow these tips to ensure successful Cashback tracking.

  • When shopping online, always start your shopping journey on ShopBack. Click through ShopBack, then redirect to the store.
  • Use incognito or private browsing mode when possible.
  • Don’t open other web pages or links after you’ve clicked through ShopBack. This includes search sites, discount sites, social media, etc.
  • Don’t click on other advertisement banners or links on the store’s page.
  • Disable your ad block software.
  • Make sure the ShopBack app and the store’s app (if applicable) is updated to the latest version.
  • Always check the store’s terms and conditions for Cashback before buying.
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