Cashback Troopers 2020: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How is the score calculated?
Each trooper is worth 50 points. Connect matching Cashback Troopers (at least 3) in a chain to pop them.
The longer the chain, the higher the score!
Pro tip: Include a Super Trooper to the chain and multiply points by 2X!


2. How does the power bar work?
The power bar fills up as you earn points. It becomes full when you reach 2,500 points.
Once full, tap on or clear a trooper to clear all troopers of that type. There is no spillover of points. 
(i.e. You have 2400 points -> you earn another 300 points -> the power bar becomes full -> you use the power -> power bar resets at 0 and not 200)


3. What does the Clock character do?
The clock is a wildcard character and can be chained with any trooper.
Clearing the clock grants you 2 additional seconds.
Fun fact: The clock's name is Chloe the Clock


4. What do the Special Troopers do?
Clearing a special trooper grants you 2x your chain score.
Special troopers can "stack" (i.e. clearing 2 special troopers gives you 4x your chain score). 
Fun fact: The troopers' names are Bill the Bonus, Nick the Nickel, Pursey the Purse, Penny the Coin, and HappyBag.


5. How are lives earned?
You earn 1 additional life every 60 minutes. You can accumulate up to a total of 5 lives.
Once you reach 5 or more lives, you no longer earn additional lives every 60 minutes.


6. How many max lives can I have?
You accumulate up to 5 max lives over time. Bonus lives can be added on top of that.
e.g. You have 3 lives now, you redeem 10 bonus lives -> You now have 13 lives. Because you have 5 or more lives now, you stop earning additional lives every 60 minutes.


7. How can I get extra lives?
You can buy extra lives in the prize shop.


8. How are points converted into diamonds?
Points earned in the game are rounded down to the nearest 1,000.
Every 1,000 points earned this way earns you 1 diamond.


9. How do I redeem a prize?
After you earn enough diamonds, you can redeem a prize in the prize shop.


10. What types of prizes can I redeem?
You can earn additional lives, lucky draw tickets, upsized Cashback, vouchers, coupons, and bonus Cashback.

11. What are Lucky Draw Tickets?
Each lucky draw ticket entitles you to one chance to win a lucky draw prize.
You can buy multiple lucky draw tickets to increase your chance of winning.
Lucky draw secret boxes cost a little more but could give you more than 1 entry to the lucky draw.


12. What can I find in the Secret boxes?
Secret boxes contain bundles of prizes. You can win between 1-5 lucky draw tickets, coupons and vouchers, and even bonus Cashback.


13. How does the Upsized Cashback work?
The Upsized Cashback is applied on top of the prevailing cashback rate (e.g. if the current cashback rate is 2%, an additional 2% will make it 4% total.) 

If the current cashback rate is 8%, an additional 2% will make it 10%). All transactions during the upsize period will qualify for the upsize (not just first transaction).

The additional Cashback is tracked automatically. It will appear as a separate entry in your Cashback page and will be reflected close to the same time your Cashback gets reflected.

14. Can I buy the same Upsize Cashback more than once?
The Upsized Cashback prize is not stackable (i.e. getting a 2% additional upsized Cashback 2 times does not give you 4% additional upsized Cashback).

You will be able to redeem each Upsized Cashback prize only once for different merchants (e.g. 2% upsize at Asos, 2% upsize at Zalora, 2% upsize at Agoda).


15. Can I play this on ShopBack website using a computer?
Unfortunately, no, Cashback Troopers game is only compatible with smartphones (Android, iOS), except for iPad at the moment. 

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