How do I refer my friends & family to ShopBack?

Firstly, retrieve your personalized referral link from, then proceed to share it with your friends and family!




Once your referred friend signs up and makes a purchase with the stipulated minimum spend via our web or app, your referral bonus will be successfully tracked in your account. Please refer to this link once you are logged in to your ShopBack account for detailed information.


To keep track and view the progress of your referral, in completing the terms, you can refer to your app and click on "Invite a Friend" and select the email of the referral.



Here are some tips to ensure for a successful referral:

1) The "Referral code applied" message must be shown during the signup process
2) Ensure your referee to sign up with complete and correct credentials/personal information.
3) Ensure your referee install the latest ShopBack app in their respective mobile devices before clicking on your referral link, as the latest ShopBack app version is required for signup

 Should you have any questions, do reach out to us here!

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