Cashback Troopers 2020

1) How To Play

  • Link the same icons to pop it
  • Gather 💎 to open the prize box
  • Prize box contains lots of good deals!


2) Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)

  • When can I play this game?

- Cashback Troopers will be available to play starting from 14th April 2020 and for a limited time only.

  • Can I play this on ShopBack website using a desktop?

- Unfortunately, no :( Cashback Troopers game is only compatible with smartphones (Android, iOS), except for iPad at the moment

  • What are the prizes I will be getting from playing Cashback Troopers game?

- You can get Bouns Cashback value from ₱3 Cashback, ₱2 Cashback, ₱1 Cashback and ₱0.50 Cashback. 

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