How can I verify my ShopBack account?

To request for withdrawal, one must get both ShopBack email address and bank details successfully verified. Do note that this step is to be done from the users' end.

Your ShopBack account can be verified using OTP code verification or from the email link. 

Don't forget to update your ShopBack app to the latest version as it is supported for ShopBack version 2.56.0 and above. 

Steps to verify your ShopBack account:

1. Go to "Account"


2. Click "Personal Information"


3. Under "Account Information" click on "Verify"



4. Check your email and key in the OTP in your ShopBack app or you can also click on "Verify Your Email Here" 



4. If you key in the OTP in your ShopBack app, the successful notification will pop-up in your Shopback app. And if you click on the link it will redirect to your "Account Settings of your ShopBack account. 



If you're having difficulty in verifying your ShopBack account, kindly contact our friendly Customer Support Team and they will provide a solution by triggering a new verification email.

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